Lowe’s House Wrap Vs. Tyvek House Wrap

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Are you looking for a good house wrap and wondering which one seems fit for you? Do not worry; this article is right here to help you. We will explain the differences between Lowe’s House Wrap and Tyvek House Wrap, their dimensions, are they UV protected, water resistant or not and more. We will also answer some important questions that revolve around it.

Let’s get down to business.

Lowe’s House Wrap Vs. Tyvek House Wrap

Here are the differences between the two:

S.no Lowe’s House Wrap Tyvek House Wrap
1. Lowe’s house wrap is usually 9 feet x 150 feet in dimensions. The Tyvek house wrap measures to be 3 feet. x 165 feet in dimensions.
2. Lowe’s house wrap provides UV protection for up to nine months of exposure to the Sun’s radiation. It is very durable. Tyvek’s house wrap does not provide UV protection. It is exposed to the sun, but it is still durable.
3. Lowe’s house wrap is made from cross-woven polyolefin providing superior tear resistance. Tyvek’s house wrap is made from vapour-permeable material that helps to get rid of internal moisture while repelling rain.
4. Lowe’s house wrap comes with fifteen years of warranty. Tyvek’s house wrap comes with a warranty of ten years.
5. Lowe’s house wrap can be used for residential as well as commercial purposes. Tyvek’s house wrap is best suited for residential purposes. It may or may not be suitable for commercial purposes.
6. Lowe’s house wrap is water resistant. Tyvek’s house wrap is made from sturdy materials to withstand water damage.

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I. Is a tape required for Tyvek house wrap or not?

When there is a ridge, a tape can do wonders. So, yes, a tape is required for Tyvek house wrap.

II. Do house wraps make a difference?

Yes, they do make a difference in homes. Your environment gets healthier and more comfortable when house wrap is properly put because it improves:

  • energy efficiency
  • stops mold growth and wood from rotting
  • stops air leaks
  • offers some insulation value
  • eliminates air leaks.

House wrap that has been improperly installed will create more issues than it would fix.

III. Does water go through house wrap?

The majority of house wraps are made to let water vapour pass through them, however if more water vapour is produced and tries seep through, there are chances that water might enter. So, it is best to get a good quality house wrap.

IV. Is it necessary to install two layers of house wrap?

Even when not applied over wood-based sheathings, the building code says that two layers, or their equivalent, must be laid over wood-based sheathings.

V. Should the doors and windows be installed before setting up the house wrap or after that?

It is recommended that one must install the doors and windows installed after the shetathing process is done and the house wrap is applied to your home.

Final Takeaway

So, as we conclude the differences between a Lowe’s House Wrap and a Tyvek House Wrap, it is important to keep the points mentioned above. Get the installation done by a professional in most of the cases to avoid any kind of crease or damage. Also, ensure that they are properly installed.

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