7 Must-Read Fintech Blogs

The world of fintech is rapidly evolving, transforming the way we think about money, banking, and financial services. To stay ahead in this dynamic industry, reading informative and insightful fintech blogs is crucial. From emerging trends to groundbreaking innovations, these must-read blogs offer valuable knowledge and fresh perspectives for professionals and enthusiasts alike.

“Fintech Insider” by 11:FS

“Fintech Insider” is a prominent fintech blog authored by the team at 11:FS, a leading consultancy and media company in the fintech space. With a finger on the pulse of the industry, this blog covers a wide range of topics that shape the fintech landscape. From banking and payments to blockchain and digital currencies, “Fintech Insider” offers comprehensive insights into the latest trends and developments.

What sets this blog apart is its engaging and informative content. The authors provide in-depth analysis, thought-provoking articles, and expert interviews with industry leaders, ensuring readers gain a deep understanding of the subject matter. Additionally, the blog often highlights key events, product launches, and regulatory changes that impact the fintech ecosystem.

Notable series on “Fintech Insider” include their “Blockchain Insider,” “Insurtech Insider,” and “Women in Fintech” segments, offering specialized knowledge and diverse perspectives within the industry. Whether you’re a fintech professional, entrepreneur, investor, or simply interested in staying informed about the latest fintech trends, “Fintech Insider” is a must-read blog that delivers valuable insights and keeps you ahead of the curve.

“Fintech Times”

“Fintech Times” is a reputable blog that serves as a reliable source for global fintech news and insights. With a diverse team of contributors, this blog covers a wide range of topics, including emerging technologies, regulatory updates, investment trends, and startup ecosystems.

What sets “Fintech Times” apart is its commitment to in-depth analysis and thought leadership. The blog provides insightful articles that delve into the complexities of the fintech industry, offering readers a deeper understanding of its impact on traditional finance and society as a whole. It also features noteworthy interviews with industry experts, providing valuable perspectives and exclusive insights.

Furthermore, “Fintech Times” places a strong emphasis on highlighting case studies and success stories, showcasing how fintech innovations are reshaping various sectors such as banking, payments, lending, and insurance. This makes it an invaluable resource for entrepreneurs, investors, and professionals seeking inspiration and practical knowledge.

With its global coverage and quality content, “Fintech Times” is a must-read blog that keeps readers informed about the latest fintech trends, regulatory developments, and disruptive innovations driving the industry forward.

“CB Insights Fintech Blog”

The “CB Insights Fintech Blog” is a go-to resource for those seeking comprehensive research and market intelligence in the fintech space. Powered by CB Insights, a leading market intelligence platform, this blog offers invaluable insights into emerging fintech trends, investment analysis, and disruptive technologies.

What sets this blog apart is its data-driven approach. The articles and reports published on the “CB Insights Fintech Blog” are backed by robust research and analysis, providing readers with a deep understanding of the fintech landscape. The blog covers a wide range of topics, including blockchain, artificial intelligence, digital banking, and cybersecurity, among others.

The blog’s thought-provoking content examines the potential impact of fintech on various industries, highlighting investment opportunities and potential risks. It also offers valuable insights into market trends, funding rounds, and notable partnerships, making it a valuable resource for investors, entrepreneurs, and industry professionals.

Whether you’re looking for industry reports, emerging trends, or expert analysis, the “CB Insights Fintech Blog” is an essential read that provides actionable intelligence and keeps you informed about the latest developments shaping the fintech ecosystem.


“Finovate” is a highly regarded blog that focuses on showcasing innovative fintech solutions and cutting-edge technologies. Known for its coverage of financial technology conferences and events, this blog offers a front-row seat to the latest advancements and disruptive ideas in the industry.

The blog provides comprehensive reviews and analysis of fintech product demonstrations, allowing readers to gain a deeper understanding of the showcased solutions. It covers a wide range of topics, including digital banking, wealth management, payments, regtech, and more.

What sets “Finovate” apart is its emphasis on highlighting and promoting fintech startups. The blog features top fintech startup showcases, providing exposure to promising companies and their groundbreaking offerings.

For those seeking inspiration, insights into industry trends, or a glimpse into the future of finance, “Finovate” is a must-read blog. It offers a wealth of information on the latest fintech innovations, enabling professionals, investors, and enthusiasts to stay at the forefront of the rapidly evolving fintech landscape.

“Lend Academy”

“Lend Academy” is a reputable blog that focuses on peer-to-peer lending and alternative finance. With a dedicated focus on these sectors, the blog offers in-depth coverage of industry trends, regulatory updates, and insightful analysis.

The blog provides valuable information for investors, borrowers, and industry professionals interested in the world of marketplace lending and alternative finance. It offers expert interviews, case studies, and comprehensive articles that shed light on the latest developments and opportunities in these spaces.

One of the notable features of “Lend Academy” is its emphasis on regulatory updates. The blog keeps readers informed about the evolving legal landscape surrounding P2P lending and alternative finance, ensuring they stay compliant and up-to-date with industry regulations.

For those looking to explore investment opportunities, understand the lending landscape, or gain insights into the alternative finance industry, “Lend Academy” is an essential blog to follow. Its wealth of knowledge and specialized focus make it a must-read resource for anyone interested in these areas.


“PaymentsSource” is a leading blog that provides comprehensive coverage of payments and transaction technology news. With a team of experienced contributors, the blog offers in-depth analysis, industry insights, and thought-provoking commentary on the evolving payments landscape.

What sets “PaymentsSource” apart is its focus on emerging trends and innovations in mobile payments, digital wallets, contactless transactions, and other transformative payment technologies. The blog explores the intersection of finance, technology, and consumer behavior, shedding light on the future of payments.

Readers can expect to find a wide range of content, including articles on industry developments, expert opinions, and coverage of key events shaping the payments industry. Additionally, the blog features reports and research that provide valuable market insights and data-driven analysis.

Whether you are a payments professional, fintech enthusiast, or simply interested in staying updated on the latest developments in the payments space, “PaymentsSource” is a must-read blog that offers valuable perspectives and keeps you informed about the rapidly evolving world of payments.

“The Finanser” by Chris Skinner

“The Finanser” is a renowned blog authored by Chris Skinner, an influential figure in the banking and fintech industry. Known for his thought-provoking insights, Skinner explores the intersection of finance, technology, and societal shifts in his blog.

What sets “The Finanser” apart is its forward-looking approach. The blog examines future trends and disruptions that are reshaping the banking and fintech landscape. From digital transformation to open banking and decentralized finance, Skinner offers unique perspectives and predictions on the future of finance.

“The Finanser” also highlights emerging technologies and their impact on the industry. It covers topics such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, and cybersecurity, providing readers with a deep understanding of how these innovations are transforming financial services.

For those seeking visionary insights and cutting-edge analysis, “The Finanser” is a must-read blog. Skinner’s expertise and thought leadership make it an invaluable resource for staying ahead of the curve in the rapidly evolving world of banking and fintech.

In the ever-evolving world of fintech, staying informed is essential for professionals and enthusiasts alike. The outlined must-read fintech blogs offer a wealth of knowledge, insights, and analysis on the latest trends, innovations, and regulatory updates in the industry. From “Fintech Insider” to “The Finanser,” these blogs cover a wide range of topics and provide diverse perspectives from industry experts. By exploring these blogs, readers can gain a deeper understanding of the fintech landscape, discover investment opportunities, and stay up-to-date with the disruptive forces shaping the future of finance. Embrace the opportunity to delve into these invaluable resources and navigate the dynamic fintech realm with confidence and knowledge.

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