Xbox Game Pass September 2023 Update: Games Departing Soon

Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass is set for an update later this month, and while eager fans await the list of new additions to the service, a roster of titles has been identified that will be making their exit by the end of September. Though an official announcement from Microsoft is expected on Tuesday, September 19, the Xbox Game Pass Leaving Soon section has provided insight into the titles that will be departing.

Games to Depart by September 30

The following games are expected to leave both Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass by September 30:

• Beacon Pines

• Despot’s Game

• Last Call BBS (and for Windows)

• Moonscars

• Prodeus

• Outriders

• Shenzen I/O (Windows)

• Weird West

It should be noted that none of the games in this batch feature Windows or other platform stacks. As such, there’s no need to play through a game on multiple platforms.

Which Games Should You Prioritize?

While all the titles have their distinct appeal, there are a few that have garnered significant attention:

• Prodeus: This throwback first-person shooter is the highest-rated game among those leaving Xbox Game Pass this month. For fans of the FPS genre, this one is a must-try.

• Weird West: Developed by Arkane founder Raphaël Colantonio’s WolfEye Studios, this isometric action RPG has its share of admirers.

• Outriders: A co-op looter shooter from People Can Fly and Square Enix, this title received a lot of hype upon its day-one addition to Game Pass in 2021. The remaining titles, such as Beacon Pines, Last Call BBS, and Moonscars, have each drawn mixed reactions, but with a few weeks left before their departure, subscribers have ample time to explore and judge them firsthand.

Special Discounts for Subscribers

Subscribers should remember that while these games are on the Xbox Game Pass service, they are available for purchase at a 20% discount. Thus, even if you fancy a game that’s leaving the service soon, you can buy it at a reduced price. For comprehensive information on all the offerings, deals, and subscription tiers, visit the Xbox Game Pass Official Page.

Upcoming Additions

Though the list of games joining Game Pass in the latter half of September is still under wraps, fans can anticipate the addition of “Soulslike Lies of P”, which will be available as a day-one entry.

Xbox Game Pass Core

Earlier this month, Microsoft introduced the Game Pass Core, designed as the successor to Games with Gold. At £7 a month, this subscription provides access to a curated selection of 36 games, ensuring gamers have a broad range of options at their fingertips.

Exploring Diverse Gaming Experiences

One of the key benefits of Xbox Game Pass is the vast diversity of its game roster. From role-playing games to action-packed adventures, from indie gems to triple-A blockbusters, there’s something for every type of gamer. This flexibility encourages players to step out of their comfort zones and dive into unfamiliar territories, expanding their horizons and understanding of different gaming narratives and mechanics.

Anticipation for Future Additions

With a pattern of introducing new titles every month, the anticipation and excitement within the gaming community remain perpetually high. Microsoft has been commendably secretive about its upcoming inclusions, creating a buzz of speculation and eagerness among fans. Many hope to see more collaborations with major game developers and indie creators alike, providing a balanced mix of experiences for all.

Final Thoughts

The dynamic nature of Xbox Game Pass, with games continually being added and removed, keeps the platform fresh and exciting for subscribers. As the month progresses, fans can expect more announcements from Microsoft, detailing the games that will be making their debut and those that will be bowing out. It’s a cycle of discovery, play, and occasionally, saying goodbye to some favorites—all part and parcel of the Xbox Game Pass experience. But with every departure comes an opportunity to discover a new favorite or revisit a classic title. The ever-evolving library offers a fresh gaming experience for subscribers, allowing them to venture into different genres, stories, and gameplay mechanics.

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