What is the average cost of drilling a water well in Texas?

average cost

Are you living in Texas and wondering what the state’s average cost of drilling a water well is? Don’t worry; we have got it covered. This article will explain the cost and answer some crucial questions. 

Let us dive right into it. 

What is the average cost of drilling a water well in Texas?

Drilling in every state in the US depends upon the type of soil, proximity to the well driller and the structure of rocks. The charges are also on the equipment, work done, jetting, mobilization and more.

The average range of the prices begins from $3,750 and goes up to $15,300. This gives us an average of $9,180. So, the average cost of drilling a water well in Texas is $9,180. This is also the national average, which means it applies in the other states of the United States of America. 

Cost of Drilling a Water Well

The cost of drilling a well depends on the depth and the diameter of the PVC Casing. Here is a table that will give you a brief idea of how the pricing works:

Depth (in ft) 4″ Diameter PVC Casing  6″ Diameter PVC Casing  8″ Diameter PVC Casing 
50 $1,775 $3,060 $4,200
100 $3,550 $6,120 $8,400
150 $5,325 $9,180 $12,600
200 $7,100 $12,240 $16,800
250 $8,875 $15,300 $21,000
300 $10,650 $18,360 $25,200
350 $12,425 $21,420 $29,400
400 $14,200 $24,480 $33,600

Credits: cvfpb.ca.gov

This shows us that the minimum cost is $1,775 while the maximum price of drilling is $33,600. Also, per foot, the process for drilling costs are around $15 to $25. Installation of the entire system begins from $25 to $65, geothermal wells go from $15 to $40, and irrigation wells go from $50 to $100. Remember, all this is considered per foot.

You also need to check the proximity of the water supply and plan the installation accordingly.

average cost

How deep is the average water well in Texas?

The wells typically have a depth of 600 feet, but depending on the area, they can be as deep as 1,260 feet. The average distance that drillers must go to get water in an aquifer while the zone above is dry is about 200 feet between zones in underground aquifers.

How much does the permit cost?

The permit will cost you an average of around $350 to $700. It is crucial to get a permit before beginning the drilling process. However, if the well is less than 2″, then getting a permit is not necessary. It is only essential when you have to dig longer. Your well will be inspected to check if you have followed the proper rules and regulations and if it is safe to use and well-built. Many states in the US require a permit.

How much time does it take to drill a water well in my area?

For drilling a water well in your area, it should take about one to two days to finish up. Establishing and setting up instruments and equipment will take about one day, and electricity and pumping the water system will only take a half day to get done.


So, to sum it up, in Texas, drilling a water well typically costs $9,180. This amount is also the national average, and most states in the USA follow this. The average price range starts at $3,750 and goes as high as $15,300.

While installing a water well, be careful and follow all safety protocols to avoid any accidents. Ensure that all rules and regulations are observed, and you use genuine services. Wear the right gear and see no broken instruments; otherwise, your well will not come out ideally.

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