Top 100 construction companies in the USA

In this article, we will talk about the Top 100 construction companies in the USA, understand their upcoming market and try to provide you with options to choose from. 

We made this after checking various other websites and lists and trying to find some of the best among them to present in front of you. 

Top 100 construction companies in the USA

These construction companies have giant reputations not only in the USA but also in the world. They have done numerous projects to come to this position, involved in diverse projects. 

  1. Bechtel Corporation
  2. Turner Construction Company
  3. Kiewit
  4. Black & Veatch
  5. Turner & Townsend
  6. Tutor Perini Corporation
  7. Zachry Group

Let us explore more about these top 7 companies and also check the top 100.

With the market Evaluation of around $21.8 Billion, Bechtel Corporation is a renowned name in this industry. Since 1898, They have helped clients complete more than 25,000 projects in 160 nations around the globe. These projects help create jobs, grow economies, enhance the resiliency of the world’s infrastructure, and connect residents to resources and opportunities. 

Turner is a North America-based, global construction services provider company. With a staff of 10,000 workers, the firm completes $12 billion of construction on 1,500 projects per year. Turner presents clients with the accessibility and aid of a local firm with the resilience and resources of an MNCs. 

Among one of the biggest brands in this industry, Since 1884, Kiewit has been building and designing engineering work on some of the most complex, formidable and rewarding tasks – whether It is about boring tunnels through mountains, twisting rivers into energy, or making bridges that connect communities. Kiewit individuals tackle tasks in every market.

Sustainable infrastructure makes betterment in lives-lifts communities, saves the planet and promotes global prosperity; that is their main moto to work. Visionary thinkers and trusted advisors provide excellence – and depict commitment – to our customers. These are some of the basics we follow at Black & Veatch to evolve as an adequate firm for our Clients. 

As they say, At Turner & Townsend, we are sincere about providing better results for our clients, helping people to discover their potential, and accomplishing our part to create a green, inclusive and fruitful world where possibilities are open to all. Since its first office in 1946 in the UK with 118 other franchises. The company has come a long way 75 years from its origin.


From a family company to an industry leader Tutor Perini Corporation has built its legacy, on a basis of intelligence, passion and integrity. Those qualities — and their commitment to project success — have driven their growth into a leading civil, structure and speciality construction company focused on extensive and intricate projects. 

With a market capitalization of almost $12 Billion, Zachry Group is North America’s pacesetter in turnkey engineering, construction, supervision, turnaround and fabrication assistance to the power, chemicals, energy, manufacturing and industrial sectors. Work with clients to design, build and renew their multiple essential facilities. So they reach their closest and long-term goals, all at the highest protection prototypes.

You can click here to check the list of the top 100 companies.


1. Which is the largest construction company in the United States?
The largest construction company in the United States is Bechtel Corporation.
There are 3,784,293 Construction companies in the US as of 2022, an expansion of 3.4% from 2021.

3. How big is the construction industry in the USA?

The USA construction market measure was $1.9 trillion in 2021.


These are the Top 100 construction companies in the USA currently; With the development in technology, we will witness changes in this list and soon, new businesses will become a part of the list. 

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