Top Gun Motorcycle – An Iconic Bike Of All Time!

Undoubtedly, the Top Gun motorcycle is one of the most classic motorcycles, and it first appeared in the famous 1986 classic- ” Top Gun”. This is where the bike gets its name, and it is also an extremely loved one for all motorcycle lovers. Not only is its role in the movie, but the motorcycle is also such that it has captured millions of hearts and is an iconic symbol. Today not only will we talk about what makes this bike so classic but also about its owner and history!

History of the Iconic Top Gun Motorcycle

As we all know, the first appearance of the motorcycle was in the 1986 classic Top Gun, and this was the movie that starred Tom Cruise, who played the character of Maverick – a pilot of his class. The bike model is Kawasaki GPZ900R, and you will see that the star has used it in several instances throughout the movie.

What’s so special about motorcycles? For those who do not know, this classic motorcycle was launched in 1984 and was a primary sporting bike. With a 908 cc engine and 145 horsepower, this was the best of its time! Also, the bike had some significant customisations, like a unique paint scheme and modified number, which made it special.

Who Was the Owner of the Classic Top Gun?

Currently, Jefry Loughead, who is reportedly one of the most frenzied motorcycle lovers, is the owner of this classic bike. Since he purchased the bike in t008 has kept it in his private collection and treasures  This does not end here. He has made a lot of public appearances with his iconic bike, and not only that, he is invited to most motorcycle shows to exhibit this beauty.

He confessed that being a motorcycle lover and then witnessing the movie’s aura, he was spellbound. After he purchased this iconic bike, he did a lot of research to keep it in the best condition and made some required modifications too!

Unique Features of the Top Gun Motorcycle

Some of the most impressive features of the motorcycle are:

  • The bike exhibits an aerodynamic design that adequately captures the fast-action movie.
  • It looks classic, is of classic black colour, and has a few silver linings to give it a sharp look.
  • The motorcycle’s best feature was the technology used to design it. Did you know the bike has an inbuilt audio and a navigation system? Keeping in mind the time from which it belongs, there were no other bikes at that time which could even come close to the technology of the Top Gun Motorcycle.
  • When we are talking about the motorcycle’s fantastic features, it is also essential to mention the helmet. Very few people know this, but the helmet is also incorporated with an aerodynamic design and has the same style as the bike.
  • The Top Gun motorcycle is high-performance and has a powerful engine and an advanced suspension system. It offers quite a smooth ride and is known to have a very comfortable seat.

What Makes the Top Gun Motorcycle So Coveted?

We can say with conviction that a few reasons have made the Top Gun motorcycle so popular among people. The movie was a top hit, and placing the motorcycle in the film and that to win a central character has added to its popularity. It was considered the most iconic motorcycle of all time, and paired with the technology, this was the ultimate dream of motorcycle lovers.

Also, if you go through the features, you will understand that the motorcycle’s look and modifications are exceptionally ahead of their time. It is one of the primary reasons it is on the wish list of many motorcycle lovers.


1. Which Motorcycles does Tom Cruise have?

Tom Cruise loves motorcycles, and you will see him riding one in most of his movies. However, because he rides so many motorcycles and makes public appearances, it isn’t easy to ascertain which he owns in real life.

2. Which motorcycle will you find in the original Top Gun?

The motorcycle exhibited in the original Top Gun is a Yamaha Venture Royale motorcycle.

3. Is it the same motorcycle as in Top Gun 2?

Currently, there is no such information that can indicate whether the same motorcycle will be used for Top Gun 2 or whether there is a new variant.

4. Who has the Top Gun motorcycle?

Jefry Loughead owns the Top Gun motorcycle. He bought the same in the year 2008. He is a crazy bike lover and fell in love with the motorcycle when he saw it.

5. What does the Top Gun motorcycle helmet look like?

The Top Gun helmet, just like the motorcycle itself, is classic and has the same design as the bike. It has a sleeping body and an aerodynamic design and is considered the most iconic of all time.

6. What is the current value of the Top Gun motorcycle?

Currently, there is no proper value known for the motorcycle. However, it is highly coveted because of its appearance in the iconic movie.

7. Can I purchase the Top Gun motorcycle?

Although you cannot purchase the original motorcycle because it is owned by Jefry Loughead now, a few companies sell replicas of the same.


We cannot deny that the Top Gun motorcycle is still one of the most loved motorcycles ever to exist. Be it the style, modifications or design of the bike; it continues to rule all hearts without a tinge of doubt. Even if you do not love the genre of motorcycles a lot, it is pretty evident that none of us will be able to ignore the sheer beauty.


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