Warner Bros. Discovery Revises Streaming Perks for HBO Max Subscribers

In a significant move that aligns with its rebranding strategy, Warner Bros. Discovery has announced notable changes to its streaming service offerings, particularly affecting ad-free subscribers. Here’s a comprehensive look at what these changes entail:

Changes in Streaming Quality and Access

  • Removal of 4K HDR Streaming: Starting in December, the standard ad-free plan will no longer include access to 4K HDR streaming. This feature will now be exclusive to the newly introduced “Ultimate” plan.
  • Concurrent Streams Reduction: The number of devices that can stream concurrently is being reduced from three to two, aligning with the industry standard for base plans.
  • Price Adjustments: To retain the 4K HDR streaming feature, subscribers need to upgrade to the Ultimate plan, which is priced at $19.99 monthly or $199.99 annually.

Warner Bros. Discovery had previously indicated that legacy HBO Max subscribers would continue to enjoy their existing perks for six months following the service’s transition to Max in May. As this period comes to an end, subscribers are being notified of the impending changes.

Implications for Legacy Subscribers

Legacy subscribers who were grandfathered in at $15.99 per month will experience the following changes:

  • Their monthly rate remains the same, but they will lose access to 4K HDR streaming, which will be scaled down to Full HD resolution.
  • The extra concurrent stream that was previously available to them will be eliminated, aligning with the offerings for new sign-ups.

Despite these changes, the number of offline downloads available to subscribers will not be affected, allowing both legacy and new ad-free customers to download up to 30 titles on supported devices for offline viewing.

Comparison with Competing Streaming Services

Max remains a competitive option in the streaming market, as it did not raise prices recently, contrary to other services such as Netflix, which now charges $23 per month for its 4K resolution plan following a recent price hike. In comparison, Apple TV+ has also increased its monthly subscription fee but does not charge extra for 4K HDR streaming, maintaining its value proposition in the market.

Max’s Cheapest Tier and New Add-ons

The “with ads” tier remains the most economical offering from Max, priced at $9.99, which includes HD quality streaming and allows for two simultaneous streams. Furthermore, Max has introduced a sports add-on, which customers can enjoy for free until February 29th but will require an additional $9.99 per month thereafter for continued access.

Customer Response and Outlook

While there has been some discontent among legacy subscribers due to the reduction in streaming quality and access, the extensive selection of content available on Max continues to make it a valuable service for cinema and TV enthusiasts. As noted in a 2023 review, despite some operational hiccups, the curated selection of choices makes Max a worthwhile investment.

With the streaming landscape continually evolving and competition intensifying, Warner Bros. Discovery’s strategy appears to be focused on creating distinct tiers of service to cater to a wider range of consumer preferences while aligning with industry standards and economic realities.


As the streaming wars press on, Warner Bros. Discovery’s recent move reflects an ongoing industry trend toward segmentation and tiered services. Subscribers are advised to review their current plans and consider the value of upgrades or changes based on their viewing habits and preferences. With the constant flux of the digital streaming market, consumers must stay informed to make the best decisions for their entertainment needs.

As customers navigate these changes, the fundamental question remains: What are the viewers’ essential entertainment needs, and how can they align these with the best available streaming options? With Warner Bros. Discovery’s restructuring of streaming options, consumers are prompted to re-evaluate their subscriptions in light of the reduced features on the legacy ad-free plans.