Tragedy Strikes: The Loss of Nex Benedict Ignites

In Owasso, Oklahoma, a heartbreaking event took place that’s now on everyone’s minds. Sixteen-year-old nonbinary student Nex Benedict from Owasso High School died after a fight at school. This tragedy happened on February 7th and has sparked serious conversations about how transgender and gender nonconforming students are treated and kept safe at schools all over the country.

A Community in Mourning

The death of Nex was a huge blow to the local community. Within two weeks after Nex died on February 8th, an online fundraiser collected more than $50,000. This shows just how deeply people have been affected by this terrible incident and how much they want to help the Benedicts during such a tough period. The donations are clear signs of the sorrow and unity among the townspeople.

The Incident Unfolded

The events leading to Nex’s awful death are very disturbing. It appears Nex got into a fight at school, something that sadly seems part of a larger issue. Nex had been bullied, particularly since the start of the school year in 2023. This is when new state laws became a hot topic, as they sparked debate over transgender individuals’ rights in public places, including schools.

Nex’s mom, Sue Benedict, told The Independent about the day of the incident. Nex and another transgender student were attacked by three older girls in one of the school bathrooms. Nex fell and hit their head badly. Despite how serious Nex’s injuries were, it looks like the school didn’t rush to get medical help or call the cops right away. People are really upset about this decision.

A Call for Justice

After Nex died following a fight, the Owasso Police Department started to investigate carefully. Many people are watching and want to know if the school did enough about bullying and violence, particularly against LGBTQ+ students. The police are waiting for autopsy and toxicology tests to find out how Nex died. This will be important for deciding what happens next in the investigation and if anyone will be charged with a crime.

Laws and Their Effects

You can’t look at what happened without thinking about Oklahoma’s laws and similar ones in other states. Recently, Oklahoma made laws that limit transgender people’s rights. They have to use bathrooms matching their birth certificate gender and transgender girls can’t play on girls’ sports teams. Some say these laws create a place where people feel left out and treated unfairly, which might make bad situations worse, like what happened to Nex.

 How People Are Reacting

After Nex died, people and groups supporting LGBTQ+ rights have come together. They’re saying we need to stop the talk and laws that put transgender students in danger. Groups like Lambda Legal, the ACLU, and Freedom Oklahoma want justice for Nex and also big changes to keep LGBTQ+ kids safe at school. There’s also a Go Fund Me for Nex. It’s not just for the funeral costs but also to give money to LGBTQ+ groups fighting bullying. Nex’s mom, Sue Benedict, wants people to remember Nex for more than just the way they died.

Nex Benedict passed away, and it’s not just their death that matters, it’s the dynamic and kind-hearted individual they lived as.

Looking Forward

Nex’s passing shines a light on big concerns with how transgender and nonbinary students are treated and kept safe in schools. It’s a wake-up call showing us the real dangers of not accepting others and why we need rules that protect all kids. While the investigation is ongoing, there’s a common hope that this sad event will push for real change. Everyone’s wishing for a future where schools are safe and welcoming for every single student, no matter who they are.

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