Where Is Amber Heard Right Now?

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After the infamous Depp vs Heard case, people are wondering where did Amber Heard go?

Fans are enthralled to hear about Johnny Depp’s comeback in the industry. Disney apologized and asked him to return as the pirate of ‘The Black Pearl’, but he refused. Recently, there has been speculation that he is reconsidering his decision to return to the franchise. Meanwhile, he got his Dior endorsements back too.

But what happens to Amber Heard now? Let’s find out.

Where Is Amber Heard Right Now?

Recent sources say that Amber Heard has sold her lavish home in Yucca Valley for about $1.06 million, which she initially bought for $570,000 in 2019. Yucca is a small desert town in California with a population of 20,700 and is situated in the Mojave Desert.

Currently, she has moved to Spain and lives with a new identity, Martha Jane Cannary. People have seen her roam around the streets and find her friendly. She lives an everyday life like the citizens and talks to everyone in Spanish, with a touch of a Mexican accent. She is believed to be dating her girlfriend, Bianca Butti.

As of now, she has chosen to enjoy her motherhood and be the mom and dad to her one-year-old daughter, Oonagh, who she likes to call her little O. Oonagh happened through surrogacy, and the father of the child is not known. Heard has chosen to live a very private life now.

amber heard

Posted on 31 March 2022 on Amber Heard’s Instagram 

Life after the ‘Defamation Case’

After losing the defamation case to Johnny Depp, Amber Heard told the media that she wanted to focus entirely on being a mother and giving her daughter, Oonagh Paige Heard, a good life. She even wrote a letter on Instagram stating how disheartened she was by the verdict:

amber heard

Posted on 2 June 2022 on Amber Heard’s Instagram 

Heard is currently on a hiatus from social media as she has not posted anything since June 2021, after posting the statement. She has chosen to keep her life low-key and is glad she does not have to make rounds in courts anymore. Her only focus is her daughter now.

Heard and Hollywood

After the verdict, many angry DC fans signed a petition stating they did not want to see the actress in Aquaman. But the director did not hear that, and now she is returning as Mera in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, along with Jason Momoa and Nicole Kidman. It is believed that she has a screen time of 20 minutes this time, as her screen time has usually been around 10 minutes in the prequels. The movie will release in 2023.

There is also speculation that she is starring in another movie called In The Firewhere she plays the role of a psychiatrist in the 1890s named Grace Burnham, who goes to a plantation and battles between Science and Religion for a boy who is believed to have superhuman powers.

Final Takeaway

As we come to the end of this article, we can see how Amber Heard wants to refrain from being in the limelight post the defamation case. She wishes to give her daughter the best and wants to keep a low profile.

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