10 Applications of Virtual Reality 

virtual reality

Virtual Reality is a form of computer technology that allows users to make use of the virtual surroundings in a manner that approximates reality. This technology is being used actively in a number of industries across the world.

Let’s take a look at various applications of Virtual Reality :

1. Retail Industry

virtual reality

Virtual Reality is widely being used in retailing therapy to give customers a better view of the product and help them choose the best from the pool of products. This technology enhances the shopping experience, which benefits both the customer and the manufacturer. It beneficial as it helps the customers to get to know the product, which directly has a positive effect on the sale.

2. Entertainment

Virtual Reality was introduced to the entertainment industry and is been helping viewers get a better view of films, shows and videos. This technology has a major part in this industry to help the audience feel connected to this form of media and when then the audience feels more connected, it stays with them for a long period of time. For example, Youtube’s library has tonnes of 360 films which enhance the viewing experience.

3. Education

virtual reality

Virtual Reality has revolutionised the way we used to look at the education industry. Earlier, education was confined to books and classrooms alone, but due to the introduction of Virtual Reality in the learning and teaching industry, students get to learn in a more interactive way from even corners of the world. For example, during the pandemic in the year 2020 and 2021, when the world stopped and online teaching had begun, many schools and colleges organised farewells, convocations, and other programs virtually, with the help of Virtual Reality.

4. Therapy

Doctors worldwide have started using the Virtual Reality Experience as therapy for patients suffering from mental health problems like PTSD,(Post-traumatic stress disorder), stress, anxiety and others. Such treatment helps to reduce the pain, ease the nerves and boost the mental health of patients. Virtual Reality Experience therapy has proven to be a revolutionary step in the field of medical sciences.

5. Gaming

The gaming industry has been actively using Virtual Reality for quite some time. Making use of this technology enhances the gaming experience and provides a first-person perspective of game action. A variety of gadgets like VR gaming devices, VR headsets, sensor-equipped gloves and hand controllers are used to make use of Virtual Reality gaming.

6. Tourism

The global pandemic made all of us quarantine at our homes, restricting our travelling plans for almost two years. This was the time when various companies introduced virtual reality tours and experiences where people get to explore new places and destinations while sitting in the comfort of their homes. Some people call it the future of the tourism industry. For example, you can now experience Atlantis Dubai Tour, the Hamilton Island tour in 360-degree video within VR, and a trip to the Maldives island.

7. Sports

Virtual Reality is used by players and coaches to understand the depth of the game and train more effectively. It can help the players to analyse the different situations by watching them repeatedly from different angles. Also, many broadcasting channels have now started to live stream the matches in virtual reality to give sports lovers a bigger and better experience by sitting anywhere in the world.

8. Medical Training

Virtual reality technology is being used by medical students and practitioners to practise surgeries, and procedures and to have a consequence-free learning environment. Such technologies help students in the medical field to develop skills that will be helpful for them to practise later in life.

9. Interviews, meetings and events

The pandemic had really put a stop to our day-to-day activities, be it job interviews, meetings, live events and concerts. Virtual reality came to the limelight during this period of time and has stayed relevant till now, even though the pandemic is almost over. Platforms like Arthur, Glue and Meeting Room are being used to host meetings and events with co-workers, present around the world.

10. Architecture and Interior designing

Virtual Reality enables architects and interior designers to analyse and plan structures and buildings. 3D models help to understand and analyse, understand and explore the space at the deepest levels.

We hope that the above article helped you to understand Virtual Reality and its various applications. More in Tech: 10 Advantages of Radio

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