10 Uses of General Purpose Computer

general-purpose computer

We can agree to the fact that computers are the most significant invention of
humankind. Our worlds have changed since computers entered our lives, the
way we work, the way we study and the way we look at the world. Over the
years, computers have been developed to great extents and come with some
advanced features.

In this article, we will be discussing ten uses of general purpose computers.
Let’s take a look:

1. Gaming

General purpose computers are widely used for gaming by gaming
enthusiasts. To connect your gaming console to the monitor, you need to check
the connection ports and the gaming console’s output ports. Most gaming
consoles support HDMI.

2. As a mode of Education

Computers are used at educational institutions like schools, colleges, and
coaching and training centres for learning and teaching. Since
computer systems have become a necessary part of our daily life, institutions
have added various computer-based courses and lessons to help students
develop their skills.

3. At Offices

No matter how small a company or a firm is, every office has access to
computer monitors for their employees. Records, transactions, accounts and
every other official work is accessed and analysed easily with the help of a computer’s

general-purpose computer

4. Graphic Designing and Editing

Computers are used for editing and mixing audio, images, and videos
with the help of editing software available digitally. This software is installed in
the computer systems; hence, editing is done using tools and techniques.

5. Animation

Computer-generated imagery (CGI) or animation is done with the help of
general purpose computers using various softwares available in the online
market. Since animation is seen as a reputed and well-paying job today, schools and colleges have inculcated animation courses in their curriculum.

6. Communication

General purpose computers help users to communicate with people around
the globe via e-mails, online meets, and video calls. E-mails are widely used
around the world in offices, educational institutions, business owners, services
and goods providers to inform, communicate and advertise.

7. Online shopping

Online shopping is made easy with the help of computers, as users can access shopping websites through web browsers at any place and at any time. With the help of computers, not only the customer but businesses also
get numerous benefits.

8. Marketing

Some of the basic needs in today’s world are marketing, and computers play a
vital role. Numerous ways of marketing can
be done with the help of computers, like E-mail marketing, WhatsApp
marketing, digital marketing and so on.

9. Word Processing

Software like WordPress, MS Word, Google Docs, Apple work and various
others are used at offices, newsrooms, firms, and educational institutions for
writing purposes. These can be accessed with the help of computers.

10. Surveillance

CCTVs, when connected to a computer system, help capture real-time images and
videos. These systems are used at shopping malls, banks, stores, personal uses,
offices, and other places to regulate security.


We hope the above article helped you understand the various uses
of a general purpose computer. Stay tuned for more such content.

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