What is the Aqua Reserve in the LG Washing Machine?


When we talk about cleaning up dirt and water pollution, a 3D Dynamic Wash created by LG can boost cleaning power while using 30% less water. Water conservation is a must in an ideal washing machine.

Want to know more about this washing machine and its Aqua Reserve function? Keep reading with us to find out more!

What is the Aqua Reserve function?

By recycling the most recent rinsed-off water, Aqua Reserve minimizes water consumption. The washing machine saves water after rinsing the clothes before spinning them dry and reusing them to conserve water and money. Press the Reserve button if the loader wants the clothes to finish washing at a particular time. 

Now that water has been saved, the water can be used for other things like watering plants and cleaning cars.


1. What does the LG washing machine’s soak feature do?

Although there is no soak cycle, you can pause and resume it afterwards while the wash cycle is running. There is a Pre-Wash option available.

2. Can we manually add water to an LG automated washer?

You can manually add water to the fully automatic washing washer when the water pressure does not allow it. Most features that initially made it “totally automatic” will be lost.

3. What does LG’s washing machine’s “smart rinse” do?

Even with cold water, the Smart i-Sensor optimizes wash cycles to eliminate stains. Intelligent wash, rinse, and spin cycles provide the cleanest, softest, and most residue-free care for your garments. The clothing is entirely free of any detergent residue after the spin cycle. 

4. Can we keep water in an automated washer?

You can obtain a decent water supply by lining the drum with plastic. A yard and garden garbage bag should fit your model, assuming it lacks a central agitator. It must be just a little bigger than the drum, or else the water would strain and rip it.

5. In a washing machine, what is fuzzy logic?

The degree of grease and grime, the proportion of soap and water to use, the direction of spinning, and other factors are all checked by fuzzy logic. The machine rebalances the washing load and ensures proper spinning. In any case, if there is an inconsistency, it slows down spinning.



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Final Takeaway

An appliance that cleans soiled clothing is called a washing machine. The dress is put inside a barrel that is included with it. A motor is used to fast rotate this barrel while it is loaded with water, causing the water to wash the dirt off the garments quickly. The high quality and fashionable features of LG washers are well recognized.

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