Google Launches “Gems” Collection for Pixel Phones

  • Introduction of “Gems” Collection: Google has expanded its offerings in the Pixel-exclusive Sounds app by introducing a new section called “Gems.”
  • Availability: The rollout began with the launch of Android 14 and coincided with the new Pixel 8 and 8 Pro releases. However, the update will be available on other Pixel devices as well.
  • Content of the Collection: The “Gems” collection includes 26 fresh sounds, divided into eight ringtones, nine notification sounds, and nine alarm sounds.
  • Access: Users can easily find these new sounds in the Settings app under Sound & vibration.

Detailed Overview of “Gems” Collection

Notably, the “Gems” collection stands out due to its high-resolution, complex, and detailed tones. Names such as “Prism,” “Ethereal Vibration,” and “Mineral Chimez” suggest an earthy vibe and a connection to natural elements. The shift from simple, retro ringtones to fuller, richer sounds can be seen across the industry, as reflected in iOS 17’s new ringtones as well.

Some notable mentions from the collection include:

  • Sublime: A serene spa-inspired music designed to make mornings more soothing.
  • Enchanted: Reminiscent of Disney, announcing phone calls in a charming manner.
  • Amber Beats: A modern tune, reminiscent of David Guetta’s electronic beats.
  • Ethereal Vibration: A futuristic tone that feels like a call from the distant future.

The collection also brings forth a subtle reminder of past trends. In recent times, many have either stuck to default ringtones or have turned their notifications silent. However, Google and Apple’s investments in richer soundscapes might hint at the resurgence of ringtone personalization.

Customization and Compatibility

Google has consistently enhanced the visual customization options on Pixel phones, and this sound update is another step in that direction. Users can locate the “Gems” collection right under the “Pixel Sounds” folder, accompanied by other collections such as “Natural Elements,” “Classical Harmonies,” and “Seasonal Celebrations.”

The new collection is not limited to the latest Pixel models. Devices like the Pixel 7, 6, Tablet, and Fold are already receiving this Google Play update to the Sounds app. The broader availability suggests Google’s intent to let all Pixel users enjoy these sound additions.

Additional Pixel Customization Options

Alongside sounds, Google has shown commitment to visual customization. The Pixel 8 and 8 Pro’s default wallpapers belong to the “Minerals” collection. Additionally, users can experiment with matching wallpapers using the Pixel AI Wallpapers or designs from the Pixel Superfan community. Personalization on Pixel devices extends beyond just ringtones, allowing users to craft a cohesive visual and auditory experience. For more details on Pixel customizations, users can visit Google’s official store.

Reviving the Ringtone Trend?

The investment Google is making in its sound collections brings into focus the potential resurgence of the ringtone trend. There was a time when personalizing ringtones was a significant aspect of mobile phone usage. With unique and customized sounds, users could express their individuality, even if it was just an indicator of an incoming call or message. As smartphones evolved and the user base expanded, the trend shifted towards more standard and default tones. But with collections like “Gems,” Google might be hinting at a renewed interest in this form of personalization.

Market Responses and User Reviews

Initial reactions from Pixel users suggest a positive reception of the “Gems” collection. Many have applauded the high-quality sounds and the diversity within the collection. While some users are nostalgic, reminiscing about the times when they’d spend considerable effort in choosing the perfect ringtone, others are new to the world of ringtone customization and are enjoying the options at their fingertips.

Tech analysts believe that if other manufacturers follow suit, there might be a renewed industry-wide interest in sound customization. However, it remains to be seen if such sound collections will become mainstream or remain exclusive to certain brands or models.


The introduction of the “Gems” collection to the Pixel-exclusive Sounds app reaffirms Google’s dedication to enhancing user experience. As customization continues to play a pivotal role in tech preferences, such updates pave the way for a personalized auditory landscape for users, enriching the overall Pixel experience, and allowing users to seamlessly integrate their own personal tastes and preferences into their devices.

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