Samsung Galaxy Buds 3: A Blend of Semi-Transparent Design and Apple AirPods Inspiration

Samsung is getting ready to launch the Galaxy Buds 3, expected to have a striking new design. They’ll combine a partly transparent look with elements taken from Apple AirPods. The major update is targeted at improving user’s experiences and keeping a strong position in the wireless earbuds market.

Leaked Design Features

Leaks suggest that the Galaxy Buds 3 will have a partly transparent look, showing off some parts inside. The tech community is keen on this distinct style, separating Buds 3 from earlier versions.

Apple AirPods Inspiration

Samsung seems to be taking pages from Apple’s AirPods, especially in adding a stem design. But this isn’t only an aesthetic tweak. it’s planned to heighten microphone quality by placing it nearer to the mouth of the user, which should improve voice pickup and sound clarity.

Variants and Specifications

The Galaxy Buds 3 may be available as two models, basic and Pro. Though both are likely to have the updated design, the Pro variant might come with superior hardware upgrades, possibly offering better sound quality and more features.

Release Date and Market Expectations

Samsung plans to introduce the Galaxy Buds 3 series at their Galaxy Unpacked event on July 10. Along with new watches and foldable devices, these buds are predicted to greatly affect the wireless earbuds market. Both experts and buyers are looking forward to seeing how Samsung’s newest designs compete against others.


The Samsung Galaxy Buds 3 stand out because of its semitransparent design inspired by Apple AirPods features. If Samsung keeps pushing design and function forward, the Galaxy Buds 3 could usher a fresh wave in their audio product line.